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Before taking Tramadol

Tramadol can be harmful to unborn babies, and they can cause side effects if the mother takes the drug whilst pregnant. It is also possible for the drug to pass into breast milk and harm a nursing baby. As such you should always consult your doctor if you wish to take the drug and are nursing, pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

Tramadol and alcohol

You should not drink alcohol whilst you are taking tramadol, as it can cause a decrease in your breathing. The sleepiness caused by tramadol will also be exaggerated if you are taking sleeping pills, muscle relaxers or any other drugs that make you sleepy. You should consult your doctor about this.

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Tramadol side effects:

You should always contact a doctor if you start to show signs that you could be allergic to the drug, such as hives or swelling. You should also call your doctor if you experience serious side effects like seizures, skin rash or shallow breathing. More common side effects of tramadol include dizziness, sleeping problems, burry vision and flushing. These are not the only side effects you may experience, so contact your doctor if you are bothered by any side effect of the drug.